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Great stuff boys. How great was it to stick it right up those obnoxious Chelsea players !

Woodgate and King was the defensive partnership I was waiting for and they didn't disappoint - so Ledley if you can still walk mate we'd like to see you two playing together more often !

Tanio's gesturing to Bette and Drogba was a moment of gamesmanship genius just when the boys needed a few seconds to breathe he gave them a couple of minutes.

Steed - I though had a great game - he was everywhere ! Zakora - well nuff said - 8m I don't think so.

One last thing. It was great to see Drogba come out after the game and admit the best team one - I think that showed a touch of class from the man - a pity he can't show that class on the field instead of trying to get our players booked and sent off !

What a way to break a hoo-doo - now if we can just do that in the league ...

Come on you Spurs.



While watching our wonderful glorious Spurs yesterday, it really hit me that there is no one else out there I could ever support, or want too.

We were everything Tottenham should be; brave, adventuous and dashing with a mixture of courage and skill.  Under Ramos and Poyet we have got truly got our Spurs back.  Unlike other teams who have reached finals against the big four we were bold and magnificent and it must also be said the gods for once smiled on us.  As for Chelsea, what a miserable football club that is.  Ungracious, moody and deceitful and that was just that joke of an undertaker manager.  I'd rather Arsenal win the league than them.

Of course, the next year or so will tell us how good this team is and I believe that if we can keep Berbatov, get Leds and Woodgate fit and buy a genuine left sided midfielder then there will be more glory days and nights.  

In these money obsessed days it's hard to recall that as Danny Blanchflower once said  'that Football is about glory, about doing things in style'.  Yesterday was one of those days, long may they're be more.  And the Spurs go marching on ... 



The battles over all the pitch were won by Spurs. 

Jenas made Lampost look like the ordinary, one-dimensional player he is. 

Chimbonda did well against Wright-Phillips, keeping him starved of possession and keeping him in areas where he could do no damage.

Alan Hutton shut out Anelka and made him as anonymous as the bloke who ended up in the Spurs team photo.

Zokora out-Essien-ed Essien.  His rash tackling is a part of his game we might have to accept, but the amount of ground he covered was phenomenal.  Just don't expect him to score.  Ever.

Berbatov gave Terry the run around.  He was left chasing shadows and moaning about all and sundry.

When Lennon got going, he gave Bridge and Belletti a hot time, trying to track him.

Robinson made a few good stops and flapped a couple of crosses, but did more good than bad.

Woodgate and King had Drogba in their pockets.  Both deprived him of time on the bal and Ledley made some timely challenges.  They look good together and hopefully, they might be able to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Malbranque was as effective going forward, but worked across the line, while Huddlestone had an impact on the game with his passing and calmness on the ball.  His added fitness also allowed him to chase back to defend when Spurs were under pressure.

Robbie Keane's movement caused Chelsea problems and he was unlucky with a couple of chances he had ... one of which appeared to be deflected wide by Terry's testicles !!

Tainio is not that different to you and I.  A Spurs fan.  The only difference is he has the opportunity to get a shirt on and give his all for the cause.  His sub's appearance did enough to stop Chelsea's progress on goal and to wind them up.

And Kaboul's appearance caused a few heart flutters when he came on, but he did what he had to do and held his position in the middle of the back five in the closing stages.

The biggest battle was won off the field, with Ramos convincing the team that they can win games like this.  Chelsea went the same way as Arsenal and almost were joined by Manchester United recently.  With games like this, the side can push up the table next season.


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