all the information on spurs history, facts and figures we have

       Tottenham Hotspur - club details and location
       Tottenham's honours 
       The Look of the Lane   
views in and around the ground
       THFC Team Photos   
thfc team photos from various levels at the club from the past
        The Spurs Almanac    
the day's newsburst of retro tottenham fact on a daily basis.
       The Potted History Of Tottenham Hotspur
       Spurs Internationals
       Tottenham's League Record
       Tottenham's European Record
       Tottenham's transfer record
       Tottenham's sales record
Some facts about the youngest spurs to achieve milestones
all the things that tottenham hotspur did first or the first time they achieved something   
       Frequently Asked Questions about tottenham hotspur
       Spurs Book List
       Team Quiz 
so ... you think you know all there is to know about tottenham hotspur and football do you?? here's some sets of questions to make you think.
       THFC Under Wartime 
how the game continued during the declaration of war during 1914-1919 and 1939-1946.
       THFC Partners
sporting links with clubs in other countries
       Club Photographers
those who have snapped the players and the action over the years
       THFC penalties
which spurs players have scored them
those we have scored
those we have missed
and those against us (to be completed)
       THFC sending offs
the played we have had dismissed and those who have been dismissed against us (to be completed)
       THFC own goals
the ball is in the net, but it is the wrong one - the own goals in Spurs games down the years (to be completed)
       THFC Quotes
some examples of who said what about who in the world of THFC
       THFC Hall Of Fame
the players who the club have deemed deserving of a place in the THFC Hall of Fame
       THFC's Freestylers
the new art of football tricks and flicks was taken to heart when the club appointed their official freestyler, so here are those who held that post. 



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