With the silly season (well any time of the year really) in full flight, MEHSTG has started a list of all the rumours that we have been mailed or have found laying around the 
Internet and in the Press.  These are different to the White Hot Lines stories, as these do not necessarily have a sound basis in fact at the time we received them.


             Manager rumours


While on holiday in Venice, a work colleague was told that it was common knowledge in Italy who the next Spurs manager would be.  It appears that after Euro 2004, Sven Goran Eriksson will take over at Chelsea and the West London club will pay the majority of Claudio Ranieri's wages to be manager at Tottenham !!


A source close to SCBC has heard that Graeme Souness has had talks with Daniel Levy about the Spurs manager's job.



According to an article on German Website "Kicker", Klaus Toppmoller is in negotiations today with Spurs in London.  The lead headline is "Toppmoller flirts with Tottenham"!!!!

G. Shoulder


            Player rumours



Pleaty was at Luton this weekend, which isn't particularly extraordinary, as he occasionally enjoys the delights (ahem) of Kenilworth.  However, the rumour was that he was checking out a couple of players as well.  This is probably Luton fans worrying about losing their two biggest assets, McSheffrey and Pitt, but you never know ...



I can add to the rumour of 7th August about Guardiola.  Hoddle has been in touch with the player, as I heard a guy talking about him moving to London while I was on holiday in Spain.  The guy was a lawyer and was with Gerard, the Barca midfielder and mentioned Tottenham and no other club.

Scott Winters


On the BBC website - football rumours page - they reckon that Hoddle will be replaced by either Alex McLeish or Steve Perryman when they give him the elbow.



I have heard that Hoddle is desperate to get Nicky Butt from Manchester United, but Ferguson won't do a deal.  He might have to make an audacious swoop for Spanish international Luis Enrique, having heard he is not in Frank Rijkaard's plans for Barcelona this season.

"Sparky" Martindale


I overheard someone talking in one of the corridors to the offices at the club, while on a tour of the stadium this week, that Spurs are watching Kim Kallstrom, a Swedish youngster who plays for Djurgarden.  I think he is a midfielder and the person reckoned he will be signed up before the deadline closes at the end of the month.

Mike Sparrow


Spurs are set to sign up Pep Guardiola, who would not demand a fee and who's wages they can cover now they have lost some of the bigger wage earners from the pay roll.

Leigh Morton



I spoke to Darren Anderton today, one subject I asked about was the move to Portsmouth.

The move may be on as "They wanted him".  He gave the impression of a man not 100% convinced that he wanted to go.  He seems resigned to the fact that Spurs do not want him, and it seems a little hard to take for him, he shrugged his shoulders at the end of this in an air of resignation.

It seems as if he would like to stay.

Although this is not new news or earth shattering it is straight from the horse's mouth.



A mate who supports Millwall has been told by an office worker at the club that Spurs will be bringing in Stephen Reid for 2.5 million and that is why they are NOT going for Scott Parker, who Charlton are trying to push the price up for.

Apparently, Carr and Keane have told Hoddle Reid is a must for Tottenham !!

Trev, Dartford


Some sort of deal is on the cards at Spurs with West Ham.  Someone I know who works at the ground heard that Roeder thinks he needs more width at the club and sees Matthew Etherington as the answer.  Spurs might cash in on their unsettled winger by offering him as bait for Kanoute or Carrick.

Barry, Hornchurch, Essex


In our local paper in Cardiff, it revealed last night that Cardiff City have agreed to buy Gary Doherty. 

Steve White


I've heard from someone who's friends with one of Spurs directors that it is their policy to keep us mid table so they don't have to make huge investments that could blow up in their face (like Leeds I assume).

Could be a load of bull locks but it would explain a lot as to why we don't go for certain players that become available and why we never seem to have any money for transfers.



I have some mates in South London and they confirmed the story about Matthew Etherington to Charlton Athletic.  

Konchesky has an agent who is a Spurs fan and has been in charge of a few Spurs players affairs in the past.  The rumour at the Valley is that he will go to Tottenham, where he knows he will get a regular start, which won't be guaranteed at Newcastle.  He wants to leave Charlton because he isn't getting in the team at left back, so won't move to Tyneside if he is only going as cover.

Mac D. Knife


The Frederic Kanoute deal is being held up because Spurs don't have the cash to  complete it.  Tottenham are offering a player as part of the transfer and West Ham don't want Thatcher, but do want Etherington.  However, Spurs are reluctant to let him go, as Charlton are keen on the winger and Tottenham will use him as bait to get Paul Konshesky.

Benny The Ball


Heard that Spurs are about to bring Argentinian midfielder Andres D'Allesandro from River Plate.  He has heard good things about Spurs from Ossie Ardiles and is keen to play in the Premiership.

Purcell Cole


Last Saturday Denmark played Norway and before the match I had a chance to talk to a person very, very close to Danish international Martin Laursen from Milan. The person told me that Martin Laursen very much wanted to sign for Tottenham and that his wife/girlfriend was very interested in living in London. According to this person Martin Laursen have already had two meetings with people from Tottenham.

Keep up the good work.

Jesper, Denmark


While away in Scotland, MEHSTG heard on good authority that Newcastle United had prepared the groundwork for the signing of Stephen Carr.


According to gossip in 'Ull, Alton Thelwell is poised to sign for the mighty Tigers. 
No comment from the Spurs Websites at present.

Andrew Colcumb


Just a bit of gossip from over here in deepest Wales for you.
Several scouts, including some from Spurs, have been down to Ninian Park, with most coming to watch Robert Earnshaw, the Goal Machine.  I am lead to understand that this is not Tottenham's interest.
They have been watching a defender called Daniel Gabbidon.
My source says that a fee has been agreed, a mere 6 million and he's off in the summer.
Gabbidon is presently injured (He'll fit into the team straight away!) and Spurs officials have told Cardiff that he's not to play for the rest of the season so he doesn't aggravate things.  I was told this several weeks ago and it's interesting Gadbbidon hasn't featured in Cardiff's play off run ins.
He's an OK player and has just broken into the senior Welsh squad, but not 6 million worth.



MEHSTG has heard from more than one source that Jonathan Blondel will be moving on in the summer and also that Teddy Sheringham's future at Spurs is in the balance.

Good news though is that Stephen Carr might be staying on for the near future at least !!

Dunno if you're interested in rumours but I've heard Bowyer and Samuel Eto'o in the summer and another move on Morientes.

Darryl Stowers


I work for a firm of solicitors in the North of England (Harrogate) and we have just been instructed to finalise the sale of Mark Viduka's house and apparently he is moving to Essex.

John Johnson


I have heard today that Rebrov has definitely gone as he has collected all his kit and belongings, to Turkey no doubt.

Sherwood is going to deffo going to Portsmouth but we will not get any money unless Portsmouth are promoted to the premiership.

Keano is injured and is out for 3 weeks with a knee that has ballooned ! See if this is true.

Heard this from a guy who is friends with a person who works within Spurs.




A very reliable Gooner website, having got Big Ears, Gio and Judas right last summer is now saying that Arsenal have already agreed to sign Steve Carr for 8 million and have paid for his treatment in America! 

Mark Johncock


Nuno Gomes and Rui Costa were seen driving into the Lane and to a sardine lunch at the ground to make them feel at home.
Hopes of a double Portuguese deal like the Argentinian deal in 1978 are rife.

Richard Porter


All I saw when I picked up my season ticket was Daniel Levy driving out of the ground in his blue BMW jeep thing having knocked off at 5.00 p.m.  Nothing like putting in the hours is there !!

East Stan

I saw Ortega and Crespo in Buhla newsagents whilst collecting my season tickets. Crespo bought 20 Rothmans, and Ortega had a copy of Ideal Home and a Pork Pie.



Talking to a colleague who supports Millwall, he told me that the inside news at the club is that Tottenham are seriously looking at Republic of Ireland international Steven Reid and Australian midfielder Tim Cahill.

Wyart Lane


I have heard from a reliable source that Gudjhonsen could be coming to spurs this year.  It is widely known that Chelsea are 90 million in debt and if they want any money to spend this year they may have to sell their star striker.  Spurs are leading the chase for his signature as he is a Spurs supporter since childhood and Hoddle at a young age was his hero. 

Spurs are unlikely to be put off with the 12 million price tag.



Went to sort out my season ticket (ticket office were very efficient in losing my paper work) and I overheard them saying that Edgar Davids is a done deal.




With all the rumour going on about the World Cup, I have heard from a very reliable source that Spurs will go for Quentin Fortune after his impressive appearances in the World Cup for South Africa.  Having been at the club before, it is hoped that he will be able to settle in quickly.

Tony, Farnborough



Just heard from a mate of mine who is in Japan watching the World Cup, that we are signing a young Brazilian forward by the name of Adriano. 



Dear Wyatt
Whilst checking in at Heathrow, I overheard the reservations clerk saying that a Mr. G Batistuta was booked to come to London and that Spurs had already made arrangements for his accommodation!

Mick Carnnel


Just heard through the grapevine that Carbone was seen arriving at the Lane in a limo yesterday.




Dear Wyart,

My wife's sister works in Mothercare at Brookfield Farm Retail Park (just North of London) and she swears that Dwight Yorke and Jordan popped in while visiting Posh and Becks who live in Goffs Oak.  Apparently Dwight can't wait to play for Spurs and link up with his old mucker, Teddy!

John Brown


I work with KP's brother in law. He has told me that the Phillips to Spurs transfer is a done deal, with Spurs waiting for the Rebrov money to finalise it.

Russ Mills


Here's one for your rumours desk, there will be no Phillips deal.

Having just been made redundant, I am currently travelling around Europe and I am in Switzerland for the Euro U21tournament. Yesterday evening I went to Switzerland v Canada in St. Gallen, where I saw Hans Segers (over as goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld played). Quite a pleasant bloke, I asked him questions and passed comments over the last 12 months.  When I mentioned that TalkSport seem to think that it is a done 11 million deal, he shook his head and said "too much money, he is nearly 30"

Newbury Park Spurs
in Switzerland


I don't know whether ten pints of Belgian lager were playing tricks with my eyes but when leaving Sugar Reef (poncy place)  myself and a couple of friends managed to come across who we all thought was Mr. Iversen. The only other reason for me not believing my eyes was because he was involved in quite an exciting little brawl. I have never seen 'twinkle-toes' ever throw his weight about as much as that before on the pitch. I really don't know if this story ever managed to come out in the press as I'm a student shut off from the world of reality and don't come across newspapers that often.

Again I cannot believe my eyes after watching Clemence against Liverpool (I was sober this time due to stupid Premiership KO times). The man who somehow managed to get contracts from previous managers, showed exactly why with a performance that must only have been seen before in training.


David Masters

Darren Anderton is lining up a Testimonial against Barcelona with David Ginola and Jurgen Klinsmann returning to play.  Hoddle might also put his boots on again for Tottenham.

Richard Offord

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