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From listening to comments made to the media by former Spurs Interim Head Coach Tim Sherwood,
you would think he still has a vested (or should that be gilet-ed) interest in the club.



We have heard comments coming out of the mouth of Tim "Timbo" Sherwood regarding all and sundry at White Hart Lane.  I think he said that he was the one who prevented the club selling Harry Kane, the one who re-invented Emmanuel Adebayor, founded the club, made the tea and was in the time capsule in the cockerel on the old East Stand.  Interesting that he has time to comment on Spurs, when his side is down among the strugglers in the division.

There are few things that hell hath no fury like than a woman scorned, but a head coach scorned ?  Hazardous and to be handled with care I would say.  Maybe the comments coming from them are best neutralised with a huge dose of salt.

In a recent interview, the former Spurs acting head coach said ... "If they would have brought in somebody last January and his name ended in an I or an O, the fans would have been very excited, but Im not sure he would have given them the same output as Harry Kane has given."

Sound familiar ?  Carlos Kickabal anyone ??  Surely if the West Ham manager's name was Allardici, then everyone would be raving about him ... isn't that what the pundits used to say.

Get real.  The name of the game is producing it on the field.  That is whether your name is Smith, Jones or Gomez. 

Strange that the latest man in the Aston Villa ejector seat isn't too worried about Benteke, Agbonlahor or Bacuna ... as long as they save his skin.

The hypocritical nature of the game sees the likes of Mourinho rant against referees decisions, but he fails to condemn his own players for the same actions.  Sherwood is another of the modern breed, who can deflect focus on his failings by scatter-gunning sound-bites like a teenager does love-bites. 

If you are medja friendly, then they will print your every word (see further Harry Redknapp).  And if you say enough things, then some of them might just come true.  But re-writing history in your own reflection makes a lot of what you say easy picking to unpick. 

Sherwood's claim that Tottenham would have sold Harry Kane if it wasn't for him is interesting, as this implies that he had the ear of Daniel Levy, who is surely the one at the club (although no names mentioned ... of course) who is responsible for the hiring and firing.  And you can't say that he is afraid to make difficult decisions, as the one to let Sherwood go must rank as one of his most difficult easiest.  His post-match pronouncements to the press made him look like a man more self-confident than Mohammed Ali and with the same sort of record of success, Timbo also fell foul of the people with the real power by his loose tongued relationship with the journos, who could build you up or shoot you down.  Redknapp played them well, but Harry II (or Sherwood, as he likes to be known) was not as adept as his predecessor.  Neither could try to sway Levy through the papers and while players were shooting at goal, they were busy shooting themselves in the foot.

Sherwood could do well at a club like Villa.  The potential is there and I am sure he will be able to spot a star in the youth team (avoiding the question of who brought them to the club in the first place).  But Villa have had a good crop of youngsters that failed to kick on and make the Premier League grade, so what of the next group ?  Their result sin the Youth leagues are not as impressive of previous Villa sides.  His scouting network might have to work over-time to back up his youth promotion claims.

Sherwood is just one person I don't really pay a lot of attention to when he comments on Tottenham Hotspur.  The other is Sir Alan Sugar.  And they are well matched.  If Sugar was still the owner at Spurs, I imagine he would love a garrulous barrow-boy like Timbo.  He would definitely have him as his apprentice, but Sugar is no sorcerer and Sherwood doesn't have a magic wand.  How many jobs was he linked with before the "right" one came up at Villa Park ?  He has started winning the popularity battle by getting Stilian Petrov on the coaching staff, but he can only do that so often.  After a few more wins to keep Villa where they should be, the fans might think he has a magic hat, but they will be hearing more about his record ... mainly from him.

Burton Bradstock

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