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Last month, I officially nominated Bill Nicholson for a knighthood and submitted the forms to the Awards Department of the Cabinet Office.

I sent about five letters of support with it - a couple from ordinary Spurs fans, one from Ron Henry of the Double Team and two from writers who have written books, some featuring Spurs when Bill was in charge.  I was told by the Cabinet office that it could take 12 - 18 months to be processed.

So, when last week's New Year Honours list was announced, I was dismayed again that Bill had been overlooked, especially when a certain Man. U. manager was knighted within a couple of months of being suggested last year.

What I have done is to write to "The Sun" and "The Mail" asking them to run stories on Bill with the hope that this will put pressure upon the powers that be then to do something as Bill is in his eighties.

Can your fanzine, perhaps with others you might know, please get Spurs fans to send letters of support to the the case officer
Mr. David Spooner,
Cabinet Office,
Nominations Unit,
Ashley House,
2 Monck Street,
London SW1P 2BQ

Can letter writers please include within the letters reasons why they feel that he deserves the award.

Bill Nicholson O.B.E. deserves this award for services to sport (football) for England and Spurs.

John Hayes, Essex

MEHSTG is pleased to support the campaign for this award and will be writing to the Cabinet Office.  Don't forget this is the man who made Tottenham what they are and without him there would be no glory days.  He was the first manager this week to win the Double in the 20th century, the first manager to win a European trophy for a British side and the first manager to win two European trophies for an English club.  That's not to mention two more FA Cup final wins, two League Cups and another UEFA Cup final.  Mr. Nicholson has had a road named after him, but surely he deserves national recognition as he achieved these feats in the days before you could bring players in from abroad and he did not have the financial resources available to him that managers have today.


I was interested to read on your site the letter from the guy who is trying to get Bill Nicholson knighted.  I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is quite angry that he hasn't been given one already, especially after Alex Ferguson got his!

A couple of months ago, I started an online campaign to get Mr. Nicholson this well overdue honour.  I have started an online petition, and support is slowly but steadily growing.

We even got mentioned on Sky Sports programme Soccer AM last week.

So, I was wondering if you could lend a hand with some publicity for the site where supporters can sign the petition?  If you could place a link somewhere prominent on your site, I'd be most grateful.  The site can be found at:

All the best,

Harry Hotspur



I have sent off many letters and have had many replies.  Some to mention are from Glenn Hoddle, Terry Venables and Graham Taylor - three ex-England managers to name but a few !!  

Also, I am awaiting a letter signed by all of the 1960-1961 Double winning squad, who were at a recent reunion in London, plus some others who attended that great night (PS They had a great time).  

This campaign at last seems to have gained great momentum.  I would like to thank all of the MEHSTG readers who have sent letters of support, but, please everyone, keep the letters winging in.

I hope that when the next honours list is published very soon, that Bill will have his too long awaited reward.

Let's keep the pressure on.  Write to MP's (as soon as they are elected), Ministers, whoever !!

Thanks and keep up the good work


John Hayes, Essex

Send your letters for Bill to be knighted to : - 

Case Officer - Mr. David Spooner,
Nominations Unit,
Cabinet Office,
Ashley House,
2 Monck Street,
London SW19 2BQ



Hi Wyart,

Just a quick message to ask any SPURS or Football Fan who has not yet contributed to the "Knight Bill Nick Campaign", to please write a letter ASAP to The case officer - Mr. D. Spooner, Awards Dept, Nominations Unit, Cabinet Office, Ashley House, 2 Monck Street, London SW1.  

Time is rapidly running out, as we must aim for this New Years honours list.  It will soon be finalised so please get writing, the letter has to state why you think Bill deserves such an honour.

The more the merrier.  You will join a very select and very famous list of supporters.  Can Teletext and other Fanzines please be updated.  I've spoken to Harry Hotspur several times we both believe that this next list may prove successful, if not then the quest will carry on.

Best wishes  
John Hayes


Hi all, 

Well once again Bill Nicholson has been over-looked for a knighthood, the two year campaign will still go on. Bobby Robson only had to wait 6 weeks funny that, maybe because Blair supports Newcastle. 

We need ALL Spurs Fans from all over to get involved. 

See Harry Hotspurs site and lobby your MP's. 

We will not give up.                     

Best wishes  
John Hayes

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