sol's leaving home


Having just heard the news about Sol, I must say that disappointment doesn't quite cover the feeling.  

He was Tottenham through and through.  Slagged Teddy off when he went because he wanted to win things.  Said he loved the club and didn't want to leave.  Said it wasn't about the money.  Said that it wasn't about the money. Said that it wasn't about the money.

Well, what does 130,000 a week mean then ??  Is that the extent of the ambition that Sol is showing ??  Or just the extent of his agent's ambition ??  Where will he play ??  It looks as though the main consideration is where will they pay ??  Money talks and we are hearing loud and clear what it is saying.

I can understand to a certain degree, what the contract condition about being in the Champions League was about, but even so, why didn't he just sign a one year deal and then re-negotiate next summer on how Spurs had done.  Not ideal, but even then Spurs fans could have seen that he was willing to give it a go and then re-assess on what Spurs had achieved (or not).  At least then he would have played a part in his Spurs future and not walked away from it on advice given to him by others.

It is foolish to expect loyalty from anyone these days.  The odds are weighed so heavily in favour of the players now that clubs have no chance of planning for the future; something that will get worse when the new transfer system is finally brought in by UEFA.  Clubs bring players up through the system, make them what they are today and then they allow their contracts to expire and walk away with nothing coming back to the people who have invested so much time and effort into their progress.  At least his going means that there will be space for a youngster to come through and gain valuable experience, although one day they might take the same path and walk off into the sunset to line their pockets.

The whole deal has been handled very poorly on Sol's part, which may be due to his agent or may not.  The moving goalposts of deadlines when he was going to talk to the club - from the end of Euro 2000 to now; the claims about what he wanted to happen at the club, during which time involved the sacking of two managers; the need to bring in top class players.  All things that have happened only for the talks to falter because of money.  Roy Keane doesn't earn nearly as much as Sol was asking.  David Beckham neither.  Why Sol thinks he should get this massive amount is beyond me and I can only think that he is trying to feather his nest after the injuries he has had this season have made him realise he might not be around for ever.  There can be no other explanation, can there ?  He might have talked to his England colleagues and McManaman could be on a wage approaching that, but no-one else.  I hope he goes abroad.  I can't see Man U or Arsenal wrecking their wage structure to that extent, with only moneybags Chelsea likely to shell out the wages to try and attract him, but would that move show ambition ??  Obviously they are in Europe, but would Sol have a condition saying that he can leave on a free if they don't achieve a place in the Champions League next season ??  That could end up with him moving from club to club each season, if that is what he wants.  Or maybe that is just a ruse to get him away from Tottenham as he knows, like we all do, that it will be a few years before we see the stars of the Champions League emblem flying around the Lane.  In which case, why doesn't he come out and say it.

We would just prefer to hear some honesty and whether that will be in his press statement today, we will wait and see, but I'm not holding my breath.

Bruce Castle

I have just read on the teletext that Sol Campbell is about to leave Spurs.  I can't believe it that this player who has always said he "Loves Spurs" and that it has never been about money is wait for it, asking for 130,000 a week over 3 years.  All I can say is that I think Sol is acting in a shameful way and has a brass neck on him to even ask for this ridiculous amount of money.
Well it looks like he will have to go to Barcelona then, because there isn't going to be a English team that is going to be that stupid to pay that amount for a centre half.  After all Barcelona will be stupid enough to pay this amount as they haven't got a defence so they are hard up and will pay stupid money for anyone half decent defender.
I really hope that he does go abroad because I would be sick if I had to watch him playing in the Premiership on TV week in week out.
I really hope that you are pleased with yourself Sol for stringing all us true!!! Spurs fans along for so long, I wish you could have been up front about your intentions at the beginning, and then Spurs could have told you to sling your hook.  You don't seem to realise that you are living the dream of every Spurs supporter in the world, playing for Spurs, we would be prepared to accept any decent wage for the club we have grown to love, but obviously you have never loved the club at all, as if you did you wouldn't have the nerve to request this stupid type of money.
Shame on you !!!
Gary Duddy

Just came home and put the text on. You told me at the last home game that he was going; but hope springs eternal (not the pop group). I really thought that he would stay for another year. Any idea where he will end up? I don't know who to blame?

The club = should of sorted it, at least 2 years ago.
The agent = "commission guaranteed, whatever happens, monster, monster".
Sol = no loyalty.
Spurs shop = selling me sol merchandising.

And how do I explain this to my son !!!!!!! It was hard enough, when Ginola went!

Gutted! Looking back we knew he was going when he did that lap around the ground on his own. When he did that interview with Claire and he kept on saying 'I'm here"  I saw an interview with the great Roberto Mancini (Leicester and Italy) he had spent a long time with the club and only gained something like 17 caps.  Played with the best; acknowledged to be the best, hardly won anything, and still stayed with them. Why ? Liked the set up; fans; club, etc., etc. AND NO AGENTS. When I was watching this I really hoped that Sol was as well. It is
now obvious he wasn't. What a role model !

Gutted of Southgate

Hello Wyart
I think today's news should be a very salutary lesson to beware of people who claim to love Spurs.

Rather ironically it comes on the same weekend as another turncoat brazens his way back into the Lane talking of his love of the club.

Oi Sheringham, didn't you leave Spurs because the money /contract you were offered wasn't big /long enough for you and isn't that exactly the same reason your leaving the Mancs.  If you did that to me you'd never get inside the door again.

So what of our wonderful new owners ?  Haven't they made this all a little easy for Campbell because to be honest, having known this day of reckoning was coming since they took over the club where was ambition shown.

Bringing in an unknown, Bunjy and a relic from the past Sheringham.

Where is the long term planning, what happened to the plans to sign the likes of Jeffers and Lampard.

What exactly have ENIC brought to the table other than another raft of shareholders to leech the clubs resources.  Where is the big time thinking that we were promised ?  This time last year we were negotiating for one of Europe's top strikers and competing with Liverpool for the signature of, at the time, a highly rated left back.

We also persuaded Neil Sullivan that the Lane was the place to be in the face of some stiff competition.   Today its has been dross like Le Saux.

If Sugar were presiding over this shambles would there be no outcry ?

What exactly the hell are you trying to pull ENIC ?  Its all very well appeasing us with Glenn, but if he does not get the resources how is he to do the job.  

Looking at Spurs this morning we look a smaller club with even smaller ambition than we did at the same time last year and who would have thought that.  At the end of the day whether you get mugged or conned, the result is still the same, it just takes a little longer to realise.  

Time to wake up again Spurs Fans. The wolf's at the door again, only this time they wear sheeps clothing and will smile as they rip our heart out.

Well it looks like the Sol saga is finally coming to an end and we are resigned to the fact that we are going to lose him.  The one point I would like to make is that if he really loves the club as much as he keeps saying he does, why didn't he go when we could have got a big cash sum for him instead of hanging on until he could go on a free?  I accept that he obviously wants the best deal for himself and that past directors may have made more efforts to keep him, but I think the blame cannot lie solely with them.  

Sol has been great for the club and he must be frustrated at the lack of achievement over the past 10 years, but I think some of the blame for the manner of his departure must lie with him and his exit will leave a bad taste in the mouth.  Lets hope he goes abroad, because I can't see any of our forwards scoring against him in the Premiership next season!!! 

Jamie Rice

I reckon if Sol leaves he will be a big miss in the back. He's talented, speed, skill and all the rest. If I were Hoddle I'd be getting him a new contract and whatever wage he wants. He's probably Spurs' best player - lose him and they'll suffer in the back. They should have acted quicker to keep him, but at the moment it looks like he's going to go.
spurs + sol no1 fan


Is everybody forgetting the fact that the previous administration should have seen this coming!  Why not force Campbell's hand a while ago i.e ask him to commit himself a year ago and if he didn't then put him up for sale for 20m. Now what have got !

Andrew George Nethersole
One of the most worrying by-products of Sol's announcement is that it might deter other top class players coming to Tottenham.  It is important that Hoddle goes out and brings in some class reinforcements to show that this club means business and is willing to push the top sides in England to get a place in Europe.

That will mean money and therefore, it will be a test of how prepared ENIC were for Sol going.  Not only to replace him, but also to strengthen the areas we all know need beefing up.  That will also be determined by who else leaves in the summer.  Hod has said that he will chuck out the deadwood and that will mean more staff coming in to fill the departing players boots.

The summer was going to be an important time in the development of the club.  It has taken on an even greater significance now.

Barry Levington

As supporters, not really knowing what goes on behind the scenes, and having to rely on media prone to exaggeration, for information, it is hard to gauge the truth in any given situation.
However, if it is true that Sol Campbell has been offered 80k a week by Spurs and will only stay for 130k, it seems to indicate that he is really only interested in his bank balance and not THFC, Arsenal, Man U, Barcelona, or anyone else.
Personally, I am relieved he is going. He has, in my view, been a major contribution to the lack of success he has bemoaned, over the past few seasons. He has only served to add to the uncertainty surrounding the club and has, in that respect done it a great disservice. Spurs have been successful in the past, with 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration. We have won things under great captains like Mullery, Perryman and Mabbutt, with some real duffers in the team. Campbell has never had the personality or character of his illustrious predecessors. It speaks volumes, in my opinion, that he should now seek to walk into a club (whichever one it might be) whose existing players have done the business of getting them into the Champions League.
Then there are the specific examples, such as the needless handball which set Newcastle on their way to the 99 Cup Final and giving away a stupid free kick, which led to Vieira equalising at Old Trafford this year. In a way, it is quite fitting that this should be his last contribution for the club. He has, of course, also had some lousy performances for England surrounded by the likes of the Arsenal and Man U players, whose success he covets.
At the end of the day, I think THFC has come out of the situation rather well. They have shown they were prepared to break the bank to keep their 'star' player, whilst probably feeling relieved that they have not had to. They have indicated to all that they are keen to succeed and, hopefully, their actions might encourage new faces that Tottenham might not be such a bad place to be, despite the present absence of European football.

John Edrich


I wrote to you last week expressing the view that Sol needed to make a decision and stop stringing us all along.  I'm writing this before his press conference but we all know the line that he'll take.  'I want to win's not about money...130 k per week was an exaggeration by  the club etc.'

Never before can I recall feeling so utterly sickened by footballing events (disasters in the stands accepted).  It's not just that he's leaving or because he is a valuable player who is leaving for nothing.    I guess that it's because supporting a football club is starting to feel so pointless.  The players simply don't care anymore and that makes it hard for me to care.  130k per week ??  The game is going mad !  I had started to feel optimistic about the future at Spurs, but like a previous correspondent wrote, which of our promising youngsters will be doing the same to us in 2 years time ?

Isn't seeing players kiss the badge of their clubs the most bile producing activity at football grounds.  They are quite simply laughing at us.  The Gary Mabbutts and Steve Perrymans of this world are no more and the game is poorer for it.   All it really needs now is for Sol to be sitting in a press conference in Highbury next week for me to finally give up completely. 

Never mind Spurs supporters, this is a dark day for all football fans.

Feeling depressed
The Dazzler
Dear Wyart,
We have been very lucky these past few days to have hosted a weekend of Masters Seven A side soccer here in Singapore. The Scottish All Stars included John Gorman who gave the after dinner speech before the tourney opened and was very open but off the record to all the questions asked.
The one question he was obviously very cagey about was Sol's decision which we now all know. The off the record comments from John were that the club wanted him to stay very much and have offered what they see as extraordinarily generous terms but that they were not even close to what he wanted.( We now read 20 million and a walk away clause? ) The disappointment is not so much that he has turned this offer down but the manner in which he has walked away has hurt a lot of people. John feels strongly that the new owners are true Spurs fans and desperately wanted to keep Sol but that there is a limit. As one of your writers today says how can you explain this to your son? 
I think this might be a watershed in English football. The fans (not just ours) suddenly realize that the peoples game has been lost forever. Extreme? Perhaps but I just feel we have not heard the last of this.
Post script on John Gorman. Lovely bloke, nothing too much trouble for him while out here and a guy who deserves a good run with Hoddle and success at The Lane.
Best wishes from the tropics!
Maybe Sol leaving might be the making of Chris Perry.  Well we can hope can't we ??  He has always appeared to be at his best when Sol hasn't been in the side and perhaps he was in awe of what Campbell was capable of.  Perhaps a more suitable partner might bring the best out of him, which I don't believe we have seen yet.

As for Sol, well, he carried the defence for a long time when Vega was alongside him.  His form suffered as he had to cover for his colleagues and this season he has picked up a fair few injuries.  With Anthony Gardner coming through or even Ledley King to slot into the defence if need be, there is much to look forward to.  With players who can play the ball out of defence and, by all accounts Bunjevcevic comes into that category, perhaps a new style being introduced by Hoddle, it may be the chance the new manager has to build a team that can play the way he wants.  Sol was a rock at the back, but most will agree that his distribution needed some work on.

Let's say thanks to Sol, but not look back, but forward to a bright future without him.

Gary Sampson

As a great Spurs player we should all be disappointed at the loss of Sol. The reasons for his departure should not overly upset us although the timing does. We all feel that 'change' is about to occur.

Alan Sugar presided over our club for the least productive 10 years of our recent history; we won more in the 70s than the 90s and that was a dreadful period.

My 130 grand a week is on Sol going to Liverpool. Do you really think they will be invincible with ..?  If he goes to the scum I'll fly the kamikaze jet!

Sol is replaceable but will be missed. This time next year perhaps he will regret leaving because of our success. Now wouldn't that be great.
Best wishes,
Martin (Sydney Spurs)
Amidst all the gloom, and acknowledging that statistics can of course lie, it is interesting that Spurs record over the last 2 seasons for the games Sol missed is marginally better than for those in which he played. Both records were of course mediocre.

Matthew Joseph
Sheringham for Campbell. So we become top heavy with average or past it strikers, and yet again struggle to keep a defence together.  Personally, I say good riddance to Campbell. He is overrated, gets turned far too easily, and is liable to randomly handle the ball during crucial FA Cup semi finals. I also think it dangerous to have someone so far up on the pedestal. It cannot be good for team spirit. 

Its the Sheringham thing that really hurts. So we're not good enough one year, and then, when things are looking a little ropey up at Old Trafford, he comes back home where the money is good, and he knows he'll get a game. How is that going to make the rest of the squad feel? I wouldn't want to pass to him, I know that. 

A couple of years ago I decided I would not contribute money to the obscene mess that in English football. I stopped going to games, refused to pay for sky, and simply followed it through Radio 5 and MOTD.

Now, I don't think I'll even bother with that. It's a sick game.

Jon Martin

Your Sol section (Postbox) makes fascinating reading.  I wouldn't like to be in Campbell's position when he next comes to the Lane.  I think he will be struck down by a last minute mystery injury in the opposition changing room aka Ruddock.  I think what has stung most of us is that Sol has always said the clubs ambition was more important than anything.  He's hardly given Glenn or ENIC any time to prove any ambition.  I think the biggest influence on him has been money, very suprisingly, as he always said that would be secondary, and Mr. Eriksson.  I honestly don't want to sound like a spoilt kid about his going, but I feel Sol is going to regret it within two seasons no matter where he goes.  Of all the Star names to leave us in recent times only Hodd, Wadd and Sherri (now returned) have prospered.  The road away from WHL is littered with Gazza's, Ruddocks, Stewarts etc who have since fallen by the wayside.

Secondly, I totally disagree with the response of most fans about the signing of Ted.  I think he's a fantastic signing.  We, if the doubters need reminding, have signed the joint footballer of the year and Man Utd's fans player of the season for free!!! A lot of rubbish has been written too about Ted's attitude here.  He was the driving force of the  team for 90% of the time he was here and had Ardiles, Francis, Gross et al to put up with.  He also hated Sugar and couldn't see the club going forward under him. Dare I say just like the fans who are now vilifying him.  Give him a Chance..  He is one of us.  He is duty bound to better himself as a professional, has done that, sending all Arsenal fans apoplectic, in the process, and has now come back.

Finally there is only one choice to replace Campbell as captain.  Step forward Stevie Carr....Your time has come. 

Jeff Horton


Quite what the world is coming to I don't know. Whilst people starve in Africa and all over the world some $%@! from THFC thinks he can  command 130K a week (A WEEK!) kicking a little white ball around (and not very well at that).

Let's be straight...Sol is big and scary and strong and has his moments....but as good as Maldini, Desailly, Adams and Keown (sorry!) or many others? no. He has gone quite mad. And who cares if darling Sky says it was only 80K.....80K!!!!? David Buchler is's obscene....a profanity against all human decency....truly disgusting and I'm so glad he's going. I can understand a few of the players supporting him but really.

I work hard, very hard for my East London hard as Sol has ever done, but it would take me six  years to earn what he was asking for in a week. I just think he should be crucified. All he supposedly stood for was clearly just a sham and I really hope he fails big time now. Hope he does go the Arsenal and we can all see what the game has really come to now. Pathetic. I really hope some players (those who aren't self seeking masonic nepotists) stand up and say what a terrible thing it is that he's done. Good riddance. You were never that good. Never. And you never will be.


So the great hope of Tottenham Hotspur has finally come to decision and left (or leaving). As supporters who do we blame? Sol for wanting 130K per week (allegedly)? His agent? Or ENIC/Hoddle?
Well I believe it to be none of the above, after being at the club for 10 years all he has seen is disastrous season after disastrous season.  Crap manager after crap manager and millions wasted on even worse players.  With better management, wiser spending would we all be in this position today?  I think not.
Unlike us poor supporters he has found the courage to say enough is enough, I want success and I have to leave to get it, I can't wait for another X (5 at the latest count) number of years.  Unfortunately we as supporters will have to; Tottenham Hotspur is in our blood, it doesn't pay our wages, we (you) pay it.  At the end of the day no matter how much Sol says he loves Tottenham, the fans etc, football is his job and he wants real success, sooner rather than later.
Good luck Sol take the money and run, but don't come back. Tottenham can progress without you and we will, Dazza you can go too, and take your personalized treatment couch with you and your Private Health Care Scheme endorsements.
Finally, welcome back Teddy, a wise head to bring on the youngsters. Stevie Carr should be Captain and a possible free kick specialist.
Colin in deepest N Yorks
I'm getting a bit concerned on some of the opinions on the fanzine websites slagging off Sol.
We can't fault Sol's 10 years commitment to the club. Not many players stay at one club for this long. Sol's departure from Spurs can be blamed on the way the club has been run over the past 10 years.
El Tel being kicked out by Sugar was the start. Maybe he had to go but it was a great football brain Sugar kicked out the door. Then a series of crap managers came in and out the door. Mr. Gross the biggest joke. The sale of Ginola and a few other over the years hardly showed ambition. Why should Sol, or any of us believe that its going to change under ENIC?
My opinion, and that's what it all about, is that we have a much brighter future. Hoddle was a class player, and its the respect current pro's have for him, and what he has done for smaller clubs, that will attract players to Tottenham. That's my opinion, Sol's is different. He obviously doesn't believe that we will be in the Champions League within the next year or so. So he feels he has to move now.
Sol's handling of the situation is what he has done wrong. After the FA Cup semi he should have come clean and said he was leaving as we knew then that we wouldn't be in Europe. He knew he was going then I'm sure. He then prices himself out of the Lane and as far as he's concerned he left on a fairly good note. Until the club goes to press over his wage demands and that's where its all gone wrong.
So the only reason for us Spurs fans to slate him is if he stepped over the line. The line that should never be crossed. You don't bite the hand that feeds you so to go to the clubs bitter rivals would be as good as spiting on the fans who have paid his wages for the last 10 years. Its for that reason I don't think Sol would go to the Scum.
If I'm wrong, and he does make the switch, I'm sorry Sol but what comes your way would be deserved and would prove exactly what you said in your interview on Sky Sports. I quote,
" Ten years means nothing to some people".
Looking forward to a brighter future at the Lane.

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