It's a Spurs Life

Are you a true Spurs fan ??  Do the Lilywhites rule your life ?? Have you had a camera with you at those special Tottenham moments ??

If so, you could appear on the following pages.  Here we will feature any pictures we find that are Spurs related and your own photos that have any Spurs connection.

Just send us your picture and we will post it on the site for all to see.  As long as it is vaguely Spurs related we will show it here.  Please e-mail them to  


 Not fit to wash my car with ...   Say Cheese !!
  Why Don't You Tee Off !!   Bill Nick at Wembley
 On the Piste  Ray Evans in USA with future star ??
 Keeping it in the family   Butcher's Boys
   Zane's Highbury Bye-Bye ??


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