why come to stay ?


Just thought I'd write in to express my disgust at the way some of the crowd are behaving at the Lane recently.  I've been a Season Ticket holder in the Paxton since 1992 and this is the most excited I've felt about the club's future.

So we've had a dip in form since we lost the Worthy Cup Final, so we lost against Manure and Chelsea (what's new ?), but what I can't stomach and feel I have to share with you, and anyone that might get to read this, is the attitude some of our so called fans have.  With 25 ... I repeat 25 ... minutes of the FA Cup tie against Chelsea still to play, these 'fans' were leaving in their droves.  What message does that send to the players.  It sends a message that we can't be bothered.

I had to ask them why they were leaving with such a chunk of the game to go. The reply was something along the lines of 'We're F***in' Shit'.
So, why bother coming then?

Again, last night at the Charlton game ... I could not believe my ears when I heard people booing Hoddle's decision to take Rebrov off.  Let's face it, the little man tries hard, but the move has just not worked out for him ... he could still be playing now and wouldn't have scored.  And let's not forget, his article in the paper where he stated that he wouldn't mind playing for the Scum down the road.

So poor old Matty Etherington has to come on the pitch with his team a goal down and booing ringing in his ears.  Do these 'fans', think that booing does the team or the player any good.  All it does is make the players nervous and not want to do anything in case they cock it up.  The ball becomes a hot potato and before you know it we're back to dark old days of George Graham and we're hoofing the ball all over the gaff.

One last thing, I thought the attendance was pretty poor last night.  You can bet your life it would have been full if we were playing a bigger team than Charlton.

So the question I ask is "Who do these part-time supporters come to see ?"  Is it Spurs or the opposition ?  Are Spurs only worth watching because Man U or the Scum are playing ? It shouldn't matter if we are playing Man U or Macclesfield.  SPURS ARE PLAYING.  YOU COME TO WATCH SPURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So come on people, show a bit of common sense and get behind your team.  If you don't feel like singing, then don't, but let's not get on the player's backs at every opportunity.  We're on the right track, we've got a good board a great Manager and coaching staff and great fans, when they are not moaning.


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