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It will begin at 5.45 p.m. on Sunday 24th May.  

Momentum will gather during June and July and reach a crescendo in mid-august, following a successful pre-season. 

A few signings will fan the flames. The rumours of more to come will keep the expectation going until the close of the transfer window. 

Respected football writers and pundits will all say the same thing: “SPURS TO BREAK INTO BIG 4”. 

This time I really hope the team progress as we should have done over the past two seasons.  To watch a Tottenham side capable of at least challenging for the top four positions would be a dream.  

I watched with envy as Gary Neville lifted the Premier League trophy again. I trudged sadly out of Wembley following our defeat in the Carling cup final. On both occasions I had the same feeling. 

It just didn’t seem to matter to the Man Utd. fans or players.  There is more an air of expectancy when they win anything.  I’m not having a pop at Man Utd. players or their fans, I think the same can be said of Chelsea and, to a lesser extent recently, Arsenal. 

Following the Carling Cup win last season I was on a high for a week, at least. 

Just to be at Wembley, watching Spurs win something was special.  The players’ celebrations at the end of the game just underlined my feelings, watching from the upper of uppermost Wembley tiers.  It meant something.  Even if it was the apparent “lesser” cup competition. 

This has led me to wonder how successful I would want Spurs to become (I don’t think there is much danger of this happening, but hear me out !). 

At the moment, on most occasions, when Spurs score the celebrations in the stands are euphoric.  This is because we don’t ever know if we are going to win a game.  There are very few Spurs games that can be predicted.  Even during the two “top five finish” seasons, it was very hard to guess which Tottenham team would turn up. 

I have a friend who works at Stamford Bridge on match days and I work with two Chelsea season ticket holders.  They all say the same thing.  There is a constant atmosphere that Chelsea must and will win.  Nine times out of ten they are proven right.  When most goals are scored at Stamford Bridge, by Chelsea, they are greeted with a quick cheer and then a very lovely round of applause.   

Of course I want Spurs to be successful, I want us to win things and qualify for the Champions League season after season.  But this won’t happen until some billionaires invest (which I will imagine will go ahead within two years, now that the stadium plans are in place) and rip some more of the soul out of the club. 

Things are beginning to look up again and I am desperate to see the team kick on next season and the following seasons.  But I don’t want to lose the passion and for Tottenham Hotspur to become a top four tourist attraction rather than a football club. 

Here’s to breaking into the top four next season and the subsequent title push.



steve langridge

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