tottenham - the managing game


The latest book in preparation from the pen of Norman Giller (Author of "Lane Of Dreams" and co-author of Jimmy Greaves' "This One's On Me" plus many other titles) look sat the men who have managed the club.

Norman writes ...

Here's your chance to be Spurs manager! Select a team plus five subs to be included in a book to be published this summer called: TOTTENHAM: The Managing Game. The book is being written by sports historian Norman Giller, author of Lane of Dreams and 88 other books. He will give a full biographical breakdown on all 31 Tottenham managers, coming up to date with Harry Redknapp. The second half of the book will be devoted to the teams selected by Spurs fans, giving you the chance to be the manager and also pay homage to their heroes.

Make your selection from the players you have watched since first supporting the club, then add a maximum 50 words comment. Give your name, age and the district where you live and the formation for your team, ie 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or whatever. E-mail it to Norman Giller at

He will personally reply to everybody who sends a team, and you will be offered the book (including your selection) at a hugely cut price. The illustrated book will have a detailed biopic of all of Tottenham's 31 managers in their history, and then the selections of the people who matter most, you the supporters. It's a very select book, and Norman hopes you will play a part.


So why not take part in Norman's project and see if you make it into the book.


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