trust meeting with tottenham hotspur
on tuesday 26th february 2002.


·         Peter Haring, David Silbermann and Daniel Wynne from the Trust met Daniel Levy (Chairman), Donna Cullen and John Fennelly of Spurs at WHL. Meeting lasted 1 1/2 hours. This was the second meeting of the elected board representatives with DL and his colleagues.

·         The mood was good. Although the Spurs staff were obviously disappointed with the WCF result they affirmed their commitment not to be deflected from the job of trying to make Spurs successful. JF reported that the players had felt devastated after the game and disappointed with themselves, but also determined to do better.

·         They fully accept the need for increased and improved communication between the club and supporters. PH was invited to communicate regularly with Daniel Levy, particularly by email which DL "always prefers". JF undertook to introduce the Trust to whichever of the business managers we need to speak to. Donna Cullen, responsible for communication with supporters, undertook to arrange regular meetings with us at 4-6 weeks' frequency.

·         Spurs are aware of many ticket office problems and despite some improvements, find it "unacceptable". They have commissioned Deloittes to produce a thorough report on all aspects of T.O. and asked us to meet with Deloittes and provide them with a report, and whatever ideas, observations and examples of supporters' experiences we can.

·         Spurs will consult us on the Ticket Office Charter. We will be involved in its preparation and promotion.

·         They would like our views and suggestions on ticket pricing for next season within the next two weeks. This includes whether to retain cup ticket vouchers, (how many? What cost? Etc.) , price differentiation between seats etc. . We undertook to respond.

·         Spurs have asked the new Property Director to provide a full report on all the club's property before they start deciding whether/how to develop the stadium. We will be invited to a meeting with them as soon as the report is complete as a start of the consultation process. This should be in around 6 weeks time.

·         Despite rumours, no decisions have yet been taken on kit or club sponsors.

·         They have 82,000 subscribers to the on-line Newsletter, but many fans are not online. It is very expensive to produce and distribute a regular paper newsletter so they are considering a membership scheme to help them communicate with supporters, separate from the current membership scheme which is designed primarily for non ST holders to book tickets. They invited our views.

·         They have a budget for charities and placing the major emphasis on schemes aimed to benefit young people. Charities which receive assistance from Spurs will be expected to be able to demonstrate that they are actually using the help effectively, and for the purposes for which it was intended.

·         DL reported that the transfer market was quiet, that there wasn’t really a market although a small number of individual transactions were taking place (not involving Spurs) and for this reason all clubs were finding it hard to put values on players. Improving the squad was one of four main priorities, along with reducing debt, developing the stadium and improving the youth academy.

·         They welcome our views and ideas on anything that would make THFC a better club.

·         We undertook to consult our members and respond on all issues, and meetings will be arranged as soon as appropriate.

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