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Season Ticket Prices

The club will be sending out season ticket renewal forms this coming Monday, May 8th.  Following the release of price and terms and conditions details on the official web site, the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) was contacted by a number of members expressing concerns.

Members were primarily concerned by the manner in which price rises appear to have been imposed by stealth. You may recall that prices were announced on Thursday and the associated Terms and Conditions were displayed 24 hours later. Added to the increase in some ticket prices, the  club has decided to halve the number of cup ties included in season ticket books from four games to two. However, this fact was not initially displayed, giving the false impression that prices had risen little in real terms, if at all. This hardly appeared to be the most auspicious beginning to the new and much heralded, open and honest relationship between the fans and the club.

THST was launched too late to be involved in discussions about next seasonís ticket prices but there were concerns and suggestions which we felt we should communicate to the club.  Consequently, THST raised the issue of ticket prices with Daniel Levy (DL).   

DL explained that there had never been any intention to sneak the price rises through the back door. He added that the posting of ticket prices on the club web site had been poorly handled and was the result of a mix up on the part of the webmasters, Sky. They were sent all the information on Thursday but only posted the prices, not the terms and conditions. When they posted the terms and conditions on Friday, they did not make the price rises and reduction of included cup games clear as they should have done.   

The season ticket renewal notices will contain a letter from DL apologising for the rises and explaining why they are necessary. The rises are part of a programme designed to increase the club's revenue generation capacity. In isolation, ticket price rises will not generate a huge sum but, in conjunction with improvements in other areas of the club's financial activities, they will help to increase revenue significantly and thereby help THFC to "act like a big club again".   

THST suggested that it would be a worthwhile gesture to allow season ticket holders to pay for any extra cup ties at the per game rate applied to season tickets but this was dismissed since it would defeat the purpose of the price rises. THST was assured that all extra revenue would be invested in the club.   

DL added that an innovative installment scheme would be introduced, allowing supporters to spread the cost of paying for season tickets over the course of the season. The details are as follows:   

The Credit Plus Club Plan is operated by a company called "The Associates" which is owned by Citibank. The scheme basically operates as a store or credit card but without the plastic.

THFC supporters complete an application form which is returned to THFC along with their Season Ticket Application. These in turn are forwarded to the Associates for approval. If the supporter is approved, THFC are paid the total charge of the Season Ticket by BACS payment and the supporter is forwarded their Season Ticket Book for the forthcoming season.   

The supporter then receives a monthly statement of which they can pay as  little as £10 or 10% of the overall balance, whichever is less. The supporter is therefore in control of the monthly payments and can choose to pay the remaining balance off completely in one month or as and when their finances will allow.


Lastly, with regard to the ticket office, DL confirmed that a full review is currently being conducted by outside consultants. THST has been asked to prepare a document detailing the problems that fans face and the service they receive at present. THST members are asked to make their opinions and suggestions known. You will find details elsewhere on the website.   

It also emerged that DL is moving to a permanent office at White Hart Lane next week. Once settled, he wants to institute monthly meetings with THST representatives at which we can air supporters' views and he can brief THST about developments at THFC. He has also agreed that THST representatives should regularly meet with the relevant club employees to discuss specific issues such as the ticket office, community relations etc. It will be up to THST to identify the areas we wish to discuss.

All in all, a positive and promising start for the working relationship between THST and the club.


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