tottenham hotspur supporter's trust
annual general meeting 2001


Approximately 70 people attended the first Annual General Meeting of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporter's Trust at White's in Paxton Road on Thursday 25th October 2001.

The Meeting was called to elect the first committee to represent the Trust, it having been run by the Steering Committee for the first six months of it's life.

The Chairman, Joff Wild, ran through the activities of the Trust to date and how they had acted in response to certain situations that had cropped up so far (i.e. the season ticket price rise, the removal of discount in Spurs shops for season ticket holders and the leaving of Sol Campbell).  Joff outlined the channel of communication that had been opened with the club and stressed that although the new Chairman of the club - Daniel Levy- was a Spurs fan, he was not like us supporters and would not be pumping large amounts of his own money into the team.  However, he was a considerate listener, who would take time to hear what the fans had to say.

Leon Ruskin ran through the financial side of the Trust's dealings and Mike McKinlay spoke on the perils of taking on the membership duties.

Then came the elections for the positions on the committee.

Thirteen people stood for election and eight were sought for office.

The voting consisted of 256 postal votes and 35 votes at the meeting.  No spoiled ballot papers were received.

The results were : -

Jimmy Brecknock 163
Anthony Chappell 163
Peter Haring 181
Bernie Kingsley 189
Trevor Payne 187
Derek Ridgers 194
Howard Sherman 96
David Silberman 151
Karen Smith 170
Paul Smith 125
Myles Thomas 137
Daniel Wynne 194
Ali Zihni 140

Therefore, the elected members of the committee are Jimmy Brecknock, Anthony Chappell, Peter Haring, Bernie Kingsley, Trevor Payne, Derek Ridgers, Karen Smith and Daniel Wynne.

MEHSTG would like to extend it's thanks to those members of the Steering Committee, who put in so much hard work to lay the foundations of the Trust and pave the way for the new Committee to take forward.

Also congratulations to those successful and commiserations to those who were not in the election.

We would like to add that everyone should consider joining the Trust as it will be more reflective of the Spurs supportership as a whole with more people who join up.  It is the fans way of getting things to the Board and therefore, we believe that it is a useful vehicle for fans to channel their feelings to the club.

For just 10 annually, you can be part of it.

Think about the difference it might make.

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