david buchler meets the
tottenham hotspur supporters trust


The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust will be holding their first event, a question and answer session with Executive Vice-Chairman, David Buchler, on Wednesday June 13th, at Whites, Paxton Road, Tottenham, commencing at 7.30pm.

The event is exclusive to members of the Trust and clearly shows how the Board wishes to develop its relationship with the supporters.  Trust members will have the opportunity to find out about the new management's vision for the club, as well as to question David on specific issues of concern.

The vice-chairman is expecting a fascinating event: "I am looking forward to the evening, it will be an opportunity for some good inter-reaction between management and the supporters group.  I look forward to giving open and honest views on the broad range of issues which face this club in the future."

Daniel Wynne, steering committee member added: "We are delighted that David Buchler has agreed to attend this inaugural event.  It is the first time such a senior member of the Tottenham board has agreed to speak to the supporters in this way and we hope as many Trust members as possible are able to come along (non members can attend by paying the Trust's 10 membership fee at the door).  It should be quite an evening."

Non Trust members can attend by joining the Trust on the night, by paying the 10 membership fee on the door.

Please visit the Trust's web site at www.tottenhamtrust.org


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