usa holiday

july 2010




Fort McDowell                                              3rd July
Grand Canyon                                             4th July
Grand Canyon & Monument Valley              5th July
Antelope Canyon & Bryce Canyon               6th July
Zion & Las Vegas                                        7th July
Las Vegas                                                   8th July
Death Valley & Mammoth Lakes                  9th July
Yosemite/Modesto                                     10th July
San Francisco                                           11th July
San Francisco                                           12th July
San Francisco                                           13th July
New York                                                  14th July
New York                                                  15th July
New York                                                  16th July


When you are on the pages there are two slide shows.

The top one is what we consider are some of our best photos.

The bottom one contains some quirky photos of all sorts of things we saw on the day that took our interest. 
It could be Americana, American culture, flora, fauna, architecture or a road sign !

To scroll through the photos use the arrows either side of the thumbnail pictures on the slide show to go back and forward.

The slide show is best viewed in Microsoft Explorer, but if viewed in other browsers, the thumbnail photos may appear in one long line and you may have to scroll back to the main picture when it is displayed.

If the arrows don't seem to work, just refresh the page and then try again ... it should have cleared the problem.
Or ... try using the left hand arrow, clicking on a different picture and then scrolling through using the right hand arrow again.

They can be temperamental sometimes.