MEHSTG Vol. 2  Issue 21  -  August 2001

During this season, as we play our opponents, see if you can spot anything different about them. No, I'm not referring to the horrible new kits which clubs will wear this season, like the "Gold" Trafford Manchester United change strip or the brown Arsenal one, I speak of the badges that adorn them.

For copyright reasons, many clubs are changing their traditional badges to more modern designs. This season will see Fulham swap their regular coat of arms style crest for a shield that includes the letters FFC in descending order down the middle. In recent seasons, Manchester United have maintained their scrolly bits above and below the Manchester ship from the city crest (even though they are technically in Salford, of course) and the Red Devil, but have, more pertinently, dropped the words "Football Club" from within the scrolls. We always knew it was nothing more than a business anyway.

So what would happen if Spurs should do this ?? We have seen the badge here change from the plain cockerel on the ball to the "cockerel on the THFC ball" crest with the lions holding it up to the plain Pony cockerel in a shield to the full club shield and back to the cock and THFC ball type crest badge. So what changes could be made to it to make it more modern ??

The most significant change would be to remove the red bits from the colouring of the badge, which some people have raised before. Our kit should be unsullied by the Devil's colour. Another could be a more modern style cockerel - not a cartoon Chirpy, but a fighting cock to symbolise the competitive nature of the club. The spurs on it's heels should feature strongly too to remind the club of it's nickname and the castle's representing the "Hotspur" family of Northumberland could act as a backdrop to the main picture. The lions could prowl menacingly behind the cockerel, while the trees representing the "seven sisters" could be in the background too.

This could give the badge a more "commercial" look without selling the club's history down the river. Without turning it into a corporate logo with no respect for the past. Keeping it smart, but keeping it TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

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