MEHSTG Vol. 2  Issue 24  -  December 2001

Whether the "Minute of Contempt" was the right way to welcome Sol Campbell back to White Hart Lane or not, let's consider if the failure of the campaign on the day signalled something that perhaps needs to be addressed by Spurs fans in the longer term.

The feeling of being cheated by our former captain was such that the Minute of Contempt was buried beneath a torrent of boos and jeers as the teams came out to warm up for the match. But the theory behind the MoC was not one that instructed Spurs fans on what to do, but gave them the option of joining in on something that was organised. The banners and balloons were also handed out, but did they have a great effect on the turncoat ?? Since the days of SOS, the organised demonstration has had little effect at Spurs and they have been mainly used for action against our own club. With this wonderful new era of co-operation and togetherness, surely we should be constructing ways of making the fans support more effective in getting behind the team.

The number of fanzines and websites that were involved and the handing out of leaflets to inform people of what was happening was pretty well done, so the organisation of such campaigns can be dealt with, but why didn't it work ?? Good idea or bad idea, there are opportunities for Tottenham supporters to get things setup to push ourselves forward as leaders in the field of fan-power (not the TAG or SOS variety though).

We have seen how Figo was welcomed back to Barca and how he was welcomed by Real in the return fixture. Whistles and banknotes at Nou Camp and hundreds of cards held up to make the Real crest and a slogan at the Bernabeu. Also, in Italy, fans get in the ground hours before kick off to place cards on the seats for fans to hold up on a given signal. Even in the England-Holland game at White Hart Lane in August, the Cross of St. George was displayed behind each goal thanks to the supporters holding up their squares of card.

So, could anything like that happen here ?? It would need a co-ordinated effort and the co-operation of the fans on the day, but surely we could produce something and be the envy of other clubs. However, we would need to hold them all the right way up !!


A concerted show of disgust from Spurs fans and one Australian.


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