west ham united ... you're having a laugh 2

for spurs fans who like a laugh ... have one (or more) at west ham's expense


Danny Baker in his Times column got the Irons just about bang on ...



When interviewed by LocalGov.co.uk back in 2011 about the Olympic Stadium and the legacy of the venue, Newham's Mayor said ...


Sir Robin praised the belated establishment of the OPLC for helping to break a ‘logjam’ of inactivity on stadium legacy prior to its existence.

But he added: ‘All of this begs the question, Why did the local council and a medium-sized football team have to come in and rescue the Olympic [Stadium] legacy?’


Oh yes !!  The Mayor was bigging up his Borough's football club wasn't he ??



A Cornishman named Mike Jacob made his way to London in the 1950s, when he was offered a trial at West Ham United as a 16 year old ...


'He was shown around the stadium and introduced to first-team players, and it left a lasting impression on the young player.

"A couple of the stars produced from their pockets a selection of watches, which they tried to sell me.  I thought, 'Is this really the type of life for me ?' and that put me off professional football somewhat." '


[Taken from "Environmental Health News"  26.03.2010]


West Ham United London chairman David Sullivan is really putting everything behind the club.
Well, not the one he used to support or the other one he owned before the Irons anyway ...


The Guardian  24th April 1998



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