the ballad of willie K

This article first appeared in MEHSTG Vol 2. Issue 16 - September 2000

Following a succession of injuries, MEHSTG thought that Willem Korsten 
might be looking into alternative careers ... one as a rapper !!

My name is Willie K

And Iím a rockiní DJ

I slip the discs

And still take home my pay


Iím the King of Hip Op

And lots of other surgery

To say Iím a fit man

Would be to commit perjury


Iíve got lots of injuries

Detailed on my CV

I collect my salary while

I watch the TV


I hope one day

To be a Grandmaster

When my leg gets better

I hope to run faster


I keep getting injured

It slows me down.  WHY ??

I just like to think

That Iím pretty fly for a wide guy.


I rock the house

Paaarty and say Yo !

Be careful though

I might injure my Toe !


Iíve got the clothes,

With a wicked stitch,

Iíve got the moves,

But I donít get on the pitch.


I like R Kelly,

But I find him trying

For a crazy Dutchman

I sure ainít flying.


I might get fit,

For sure, thereís a chance,

Thatís only as long

As I donít ďbreakĒ dance.


To spend £1.5 million

They say GG must be a fool,

But Iím the only rapper

They need to wrap in cotton wool !!

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