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Here's a thought - instead of trying to tap up Robbie Keane to come back to Spurs - how about tapping up Mr Benitez ?  The Liverpool fans are not happy with him, after all he has only got them to two Champions League finals
winning one, also one FA Cup and has them in the top four every season.  God what a failure.  No wonder Liverpool fans hate him.  Tough being a top four club all this time, ain't it Liverpool ?

What have we Spurs done ?  Got rid of a manager who got us in the top five, rid of a manager who won a trophy
albeit with Mr. Jol's team and took on a car dealer wheeler geezer who has never made it big and looks totally out of his depth with a so called BIG club ?

Even I'm beginning to think we aren't a big club (two cardboard cups in near on 20 years is not really what you expect from a big club is it ?).  And now losing so far this season to WBA, Bolton, Boro, Hull, Sunderland, Newcastle,
Wigan, Stoke (that list of teams makes awful reading to think we have lost to them).  My dad used to talk to me about the Double team and how Spurs will never be the same again.  Smith, Mackay, Dyson, etc.

Now I talk to my son about the 80s team that will never have the same commitment like Roberts, Galvin, Miller, Perryman, etc. did week in week out - all true Spurs players and heroes.

So forget Keane and all the other players we sold by mistake and go for a top class manager.  Liverpool, Champions League football every season and not happy .. well sack Benitez and let him come to Spurs, because soon the old jokes will appear ...

Spurs will be in Europe next year ... if there's a war

If Spurs go much lower they will drop off the pools coupon

How finishing fifth seems a distance memory now ... any comments from other readers. 



I agree with Adam on one point and that is not re-signing Robbie Keane. 

For whatever reason, he wanted to go to Liverpool.  Favourite ever club.  Wanted Champions League football.  Wanted to win things.  Whatever.  But he wanted to go and leave us in the lurch.  And as he wanted to go and Liverpool wanted him so much, they had to pay the premium for him, which came to £20 million.

Now, if he was to come back, I would not pay anything like that for a 29 year old.  I know he knows the club and the Premier League, but he does not know the team that is at White Hart Lane now, nor the manager.  And what happens when Defoe is fit again ? We are back to square one, with too many strikers who all want to be playing.  Isn't that what got us into this situation in the first place ?

I especially don't want to see Aaron Lennon go the other way as part of any deal.  If he does, I will not only be questioning Harry Redknapp's suitability for the job at Spurs, but also Daniel Levy's.  The chairman has done a pretty good job, but if he allows Redknapp to sell off the prize assets to assemble an ageing side at the Lane, then it is only heading one way.

I wouldn't have had Chimbonda back, as he will not have changed that much in six months and if Roy Keane couldn't scare him into behaving, Hangdog surely won't.

Panic buying in January hardly ever pays off.  Remember Rasiak anyone ?

If we are going to spend £15 million on a striker, can't we find one who knows how to get 20 a season from abroad ?  Wagner Love was rumoured or spend the extra and get Santa Cruz, but keep Lennon to supply him.

Hoping the next day brings a much needed purchase that will keep us up.

benny the ball


I think that Spurs will pull a last minute rabbit out of the hat, just like they usually do.

This time I think it will be Messi.

Sorry, that should have read "This time it will be messy".

the funky phantom


Surely the management is aware of how badly Defoe and Keane play when paired as a strike force.

There seems no valid reason why we should buy Keane at all. 

Defoe had to leave our club because Keane could only play with Berba. Defoe was denied any opportunity and had to leave to further his career. 

If Keane comes back we could once again lose Defoe. 

No one seems to realise this.

Seventy years plus a supporter.

malcolm freedman


I am not sure where the areas of the team are that need strengthening.  Perhaps left mid, maybe a central defender, but we are surely looking at players who are better than we have already, rather than more of the same quality in areas where we have adequate players.

Santa Cruz makes more sense than Keane, as he will offer more in terms of goalscoring threat, whereas Robbie is a good link player who will score quite a few goals.  But, maybe missing out on Bellamy, Harry might see Keane as that sort of player.  But then where does that leave Modric and if Santa Cruz comes in, where does that leave Bent ?

I just think that the money we are spending could be better spent elsewhere on other players who offer more for less money.

gary sampson


I think Adam is being a tad unfair on Harry, who has, after all, had to work with another managers’ team and indeed has to try and build “his” team and keep us up at the same time (if you get my drift!).  I, for one, would welcome Robbie back with open arms, as he will work his socks off from the front and can drop into midfield when needed and can score brill goals, remember the fourth v Chelski last season.

I would like to see us bring in a  player that can defend properly at set pieces (sorry Daws, Woody), but these last minute goal leakages are driving me nuts and ruining my weekends !

Oh well just my humble thoughts and fingers crossed we can beat the Arse on Sunday (if you will forgive the phrase!).  As for Harry, I like him and I feel he is a breath of fresh air when you look back at Ramos and co !

As Bruce says – Keep the faith! 


philipthespur (No7)


It is a shame we lost out on Queresma to Chelski, as he would have balanced up the team nicely.

However, if his form is as erratic as everyone says, then maybe we can see if he does it for Chelski and then nick him in the summer transfer window !!

stanford rivers





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