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With lots of players already out and a few in, what do you make of the transfer dealings during this window ?


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Tues Morning.  So it is now a done deal, Man U bulldoze there way to yet another transfer result for them.
But is it all it seems ?

Look at the facts.  According to the media Berbatov was meeting them without our permission, nothing said by Spurs officially, we then allowed a medical and negotiations to proceed again no official protest.  Berbatov was met at Manchester airport by Fergie and club officials (just happened to be passing the airport and thought he would see if any one interesting was on the flight).

So it is obvious that this deal was set up some time ago and all the hand wringing and protests and name calling by Spurs was just another smoke screen to try and appease us nobodies on the terraces (sorry stands).  Also we accepted a fee from the new billionaires at City knowing that Berbatov was on a flight to Manchester to meet United.

Now we have agreed to keep mum about the whole matter.  Why ?  All the other deals where virtually done and dusted before yesterday or were they ?  Did we need the money from Berbatov to proceed with them ?  They where announced early in the day after all.

In return we get a novice striker who we got after fierce competition from Wigan and Hull City.  Where is the combative, leader type midfielder and the experienced striker to back up the other two (one of whom was fourth choice last season).

So another season of adjustment and patience, sorry, but we are nowhere near top four ... we do not think and act top four.

Tony Iles (tired season ticket holder)


Time is 21:29
Berbatov will not sign for Man U.
I just don't think it will happen I know I am going out on a limb and I may be wrong.
But I just don't think Man U will be held to ransom anymore than Spurs will be Berbatov will be at Spurs until January  at least.
Time is now 21:31, sorry 32
Watch the papers ...

You've got to hand it to Spurs haven't you.  New season, new players but you've guessed it we're at the bottom !
Of course, no one is panicking, unlike last season when the board panicked and sacked a perfectly good manager and replaced him with someone whose record so far is on a par with some perfectly average managers that we've had in the past.
Just what is going on ?  We're now down to our last striker who last season was fourth choice but is now first choice. We've lost our most consistent midfielder, Malbranque and in Tainio the only one who could actually tackle.  We've brought in players, who like last season, are completely untested and who will need time and patience to settle and who should be be brought in to a winning side.  Every year we do this, what is happening ? 

We've got a striker in the reserves who scores for fun and who must be worth a punt, but is off loaded to Southampton and will probably never be seen again.  No wonder Keane left and as for Berbatov just who is running the club ?

Ramos must have known Berbatov was unhappy last season, so why sell Defoe ?  It doesn't add up.  The side that beat Arsenal and Chelsea has been ripped apart but why ?

I don't know what is happening, all I do know is that there is something either very stupid going on or something a bit odd ?
Just depressing and so disillusioning.

Stephen Wilson

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