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In the following extract from a review of a leading Scottish Arts Festival, you must try and identify the surnames of a selection of Tottenham Hotspurs’ players from the 1959/1960 season to 2012/2013.  They have been carefully hidden in the story.

The letters of the names can be separated by punctuation marks and spacing, but they will always be in the correct order. Two answers may sometimes overlap. No word may be less than three letters long.

There are at least 49 to be found….

Good luck !!

Paul Norris

August in Edinburgh

A capital experience for the younger high-brow night-clubber and those bent at any price on escaping the rampant hedonism of almost all England’s weekend pub runs.

As your crowded carriage pulls elegantly into Waverley Station you can almost smell the heady mixture of whiskey, haggis and heather close by. The taxis park in nearby Baker Street and can effortlessly whisk you to your bijou hotel. Ours, “Henry’s Hame from Hame”, (in a room I’d often stayed in before) was a happy blend of B and B and five star luxury, run by Peter Sinclair and his partner Steven Scharmer , and overlooked a busy park, surrounded by the most glorious gold-topped railings and brightly varnished beechwood gates. Whether you arrive during Festival or Fringe time on a Sunday or a Thursday the programme is manic, so when you have gathered your strength you had best head to the booking offices on Princes Street. Claiming ‘exciting originality’, among the best Fringe shows this year are “It’s a sin to not hate thy neighbour!” – a revue by the members of Oxford University’s Marching Band, “Don’t look now!!- Lester’s coming!!!”, “Am I ill? Or is my slip showing?”, and “Villages and Roses don’t go together – not!!” If you know a well connected man with influence in the world of ticketing then try and get to the star-studded “I’ve read such Odd Letters from the Home Front” or even “Neither Beast nor Man really wants Sudoku”.

Fine dining and self-catering ought to be avoided at all costs – it is often much better to make an educated guess and find a branch of “Barry Glen – no nonsense, no frills!” and order the all day breakfast. Their food rarely scales the heights achieved by starched white-hatted Michelin chefs but it is famed for the waiters cheery haste – a definite plus when trying to get to an evening show. Mexican and Brazilian restaurants are all the rage here but remember that if you gleefully begin “Olà, hombre! Che passa?” you will be waiting a long time for your starters! ‘Try not to be all things to all men’ is a good maxim to observe if you ever find yourself out of your comfort zone. When eating downtown, sending back the screw-topped wine for being ‘corked’ is not to be recommended – it is even a blessing in disguise, if alcoholic drinks are involved, if you can avoid the kind of verbal exchanges that might ruin an evening out.


We will provide the answers in a week's time.

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