worried of tottenham



6 games - 2 points - no passion - NO style - not even a well crafted move.

We sit bottom, every other team is laughing at us and MJ is laughing loudest of all ...

But am I bothered - no not really.

Why should I get stressed out that the club sold my favourite players ?
Why vex that there isn't a 'team' to watch ?

Shout at the manager - at the moment guys I can't even be bothered to draw in the breath - quite simply the club doesn't deserve my support and although I'll watch from afar and hope they pick up - I shall be neither surprised nor moved if nothing improves - it's just the Tottenham way - boom and bust I believe they call it.

I saw it coming a mile off, sell Carrick - great business we all said (including me) - didn't take long to realise the error of our ways did it ?

Ledley out for most of the season - it'll be OK when he comes back.
Well since when have things been that easy at Spurs ?

Flog half the team to Sunderland - hold on a minute isn't that the basis of our midfield and the platform for our goals ?

Finally, flog the star strikers and pocket a few quid ...

Well done Mr Levy, a fine business move, now perhaps you'd like to move on and let the rest of the fans pick up the pieces, not me though, I've discovered other sports worth watching even more desperate than Spurs ! And it doesn't cost the family over £100 to get in.

Take care all - I'll see you around some time ...


I am one of those worried fans who cannot bare to look at the table. Spurs are bottom with only two points, we're loosing against anyone and anything... who would have thought a few weeks ago when we were busy thrashing Celtic, Dortmund and Roma in pre-season that we would be losing disgracefully to Boro, Sunderland, Villa, Portsmouth, Hull....Oh how I long for pre-season. My heart tells me that we're one win away from climbing from the bottom of the table but my head keeps insisting that we may become the Derby County of season 2008-09 and play in the Championship next year ...
Come to think of it ... what's happened to the best Tottenham side in my living memory, the one which twice finished fifth not so long ago ? What's so different now from those sides which seriously looked like challenging the top four and what has made us now the laughing stoke of English football? Let's just concentrate on 2005-06 ... just to refresh our memories, this was the season when we spent a whole five months in fourth place only to loose it on the last day of the season. .. how I long for that season ... We were up there challenging with the best. The Spurs side of 05-06 indeed was a much more complete, balanced, adapt compared to the current Spurs team ... Let's just start from the very back ... Firstly we had a safe and assured goalkeeper in Mr Paul Robinson. Mind you this was not the Robinson of 2007, the Robinson of 05-06 was still strong, assuring, confident ... Mr. Gomes on the other hand has already dropped a couple of howlers and there are more to come I presume. Secondly we had an ever-fit Ledley King who played every week and week in week out showed he had the qualities to match the likes of Ferdinand, Terry, Cannavaro, Calvalho etc, to name just a few. Also Mr. Micheal Dawson, despite being three years younger and with three years less experience looked much better than the present slow, easy-to-skip Dawson.  In Lee-Young Pyo and Paul Stalteri finally, despite not being the best around, we still had two experienced full-backs who regularly attacked the wings and helped in taking the side forward. Let's now look at the midfield and oh how I long for that midfield of 05-06. Mr. Micheal Carrick was pulling the strings and opening up defences with astute passing leaving Jermaine Jenas time and space to attack and bounce on the loose balls in the box. We don't have a Carrick in the squad of 08-09 ... Didier Zokora has never filled up his boots. The biggest difference from 05-06 however is ... and this I say it with great conviction, the presence or lack of it of Mr. Edgar Davids. The latter was the one who closed the gaps in midfield, fought for every ball all around the pitch and while his critics may argue that he was past his best during his Spurs days, he still injected a winning fighting attitude that enabled everyone to step up his performance on a Saturday (or Sunday or Monday). A shadow of Mr. Davids in the current squad is perhaps Tom Huddlestone but I have my doubts on the latter, lately he's throwing too much lazy uninspiring performances that indeed make you question his overall attitude. Now for the attack ... the strike-force of 05-06 included Keane, Defoe, Mido and Rasiak. Whilst many may argue that Keane and Defoe were the most talented and important in that team, Mr. Mido, in my humble opinion was certainly the most essential and important. Why ? Because Mido despite not being as good a finisher as Keane, Defoe or indeed Berbatov was a good holder of the ball and thus served well to complement and set-up good link-up play for Keane and Defoe. I used to wholly agree with Mr. Jol when saying that both Defoe and Keane could not play together ... both needed a striker in the Mido-mould who could hold the ball up for them and feed them good passes and thus score goals in the process. Unfortunately Mr. Mido had to leave in the club in '07 to better accommodate a certain Mr Berbatov. Comparatively our present strike-force is to say the least laughable. Not because Bent, Pavlyuchenko and Campbell don't have goals in them but certainly because they don't have qualities that complement each other. None of them is for instance of the Mido-type who can in moments of pressure can hold up a hasty ball cleared from the defence and set-up a quick counter-attack. Also none of them is particularly good with the head and none have particularly good technique or an eye for goal. In this regard both Keane and Defoe are being sorely missed for their un-discussed great finishing and technical qualities.
The January transfer window of 2009 will be a very important period for Tottenham Hotspur FC. Years of glorious history and tradition risk being lost forever if the right decisions in the transfer market are not taken and Spurs finish up in the Championship come next May (or indeed April by the current rate). Everyone can see where the deficiencies are and what type of players need be brought in the redress them. Let's just hope and pray.



I'm writing this at half time against Hull and I hope that come the end of the second half a miracle has happened and Spurs have turned it around, but I feel I'm grasping at straws - after today we have 31 games left to play. Take into account we have to play Arsenal twice - Man Utd twice - Liverpool twice and Chelsea once that is another seven games gone which leaves us 24 games to amass 40 plus points which is winning approx 13 games from 24.

The fact we cannot score unless its an own goal, and the fact we cannot keep a clean sheet - I cannot see us doing this with the players we have.  I'm sorry for Ramos but he has to go we need a football brain and a massive injection of confidence by next week otherwise I'm sorry to say we are down and it is going to be a disaster - the Leeds United of the south ?

I can't go on hoping other teams slip up so we stay in contention of the bottom four - how much worse can it get ?

Still at least we are not in the red eh, MR LEVY.



Typically Tottenham
Itís a classic Spurs story - the promise and momentum of that battling point at Chelsea quickly turned to the rubble of a mediocre home defeat to Aston Villa. Any hope had by fans before the season started, be it unrealistic aspirations of the top four or simple dreams of a strong start to the campaign, have now evaporated into misery at the plight of this famous old club.

Its not as if the two-one reverse last night was even a decent performance. Only Darren Bentís late scrambled goal gave Spurs the undeserved privilege of having a notch on their scorecard. Tottenham were limp, unimaginative and disappointing. The players didnít seem to have any idea of what they were aiming at. They appear to be a team in need of unification - in need of a real leader to take charge and kick some proverbial behinds.

Before anyone crows that that man should be Robbie Keane, remember the awful start last season first. The man they need back the most is Ledley King. His injury troubles over the past year are ridiculously well documented but his appearances against both Sunderland and Chelsea gave hope that he was on his way to a consistent fitness. He may still be but his absence last night was strongly felt. Michael Dawson, Kingís replacement, has gone terribly backwards as a footballer and isnít really capable of doing the same job as the erstwhile Tottenham captain.

If King canít be there to motivate them in every game, then manager Ramos should be. The English barrier provides a bigger problem then many at White Hart Lane want to admit. Previous boss Martin Jol was never short of a word or two in the players ear and, while there is no doubting Ramosí pedigree as a coach, one has to concede that things would be better if he could provide a smattering of English in the media here and there. Presumably he does behind closed doors but obviously there are words lost in translation - step up please , Gus Poyet.

Ramos did at least play Darren Bent up front with a partner, something fans have been crying out for all season. Roman Pavyluchenko did okay but, in his first game, was unable to provide the X factor so badly missing by the team. The midfield looked confused. Jermaine Jenas, the vice captain, wasnít even played which was confusing after his great display for England in Zagreb. As it happened, he came on after twenty odd minutes for the injured Luka Modric, who again looked slightly off the pace. Fans must be desperate that the talented Croatian will pick it up sooner rather than later.

Didier Zokora and Tom Huddlestone in the middle looked to be too much the same player and the midfield became overly congested as a result. The one tiny, flashing positive was Aaron Lennonís slightly better performance than what we had come to expect from the diminutive winger - although this is severely clutching at straws. And, although Heurelho Gomes made some exceptional saves, he made the key mistake of the night in letting Ashley Youngís tame shot squeak past him. Without wishing to curse the Brazilian, thoughts inevitably drift to Paul Robinsonís error strewn performances of last year.

What next? At the moment, I would not rule out relegation. It sounds extreme but until they get the wins under their belt they cannot be sure of anything. A top six position is still in reach but not without one hell of a turnaround. Ramos must instil some realism into his players - they need to be aware of what could happen if this carries on. The bottom of the barrel hasnít been found yet but weíre not far away.

Spurs fans are not alien to this type of crisis. Weíve seen false dawn after false dawn, glimmers of hope replaced by piercing bullets of failure. The talent is so obviously there and this appears to be a psychological problem rather than an ability based one. Spurs are badly needing a leader and a sense of togetherness. They would do well to look at their opponents from last night and take a lesson or two. Whereas teams like Newcastle and West Ham are complete jokes off the pitch, Tottenham are quickly becoming a joke on it.



I don't see Spurs anymore as they have priced me out of the ticket range to watch a game of football even though I have been a supporter for 40+ years and had a spell of working for them in the mid 90's - but from what I have seen on the TV we are looking very very poor.

I cannot see where a goal is going to come from.  So far in the league we have scored from a deflected back pass into the path of Bent against Chelsea - and another deflection off Bent against Villa; an own goal against Middlesbrough and one proper goal against Sunderland ALL THIS IN SIX GAMES against minor opposition.  We are turning into Derby last year - the whipping boys of the league who cannot score a goal and seem happy to get a 0-0 out of Wigan.

Spurs have lost it since winning the Carling Cup.  Our form has been awful since that great day in February.  I am very worried this season and can see us getting sucked into a dog fight of relegation, though with the players we have got who seem toothless, we are going the same way as Nottingham Forest, Man City, Southampton and others who thought they were too good to go down.

This is a dreadful season already and part of me wants us out of the cup competitions early so we can concentrate on our league safety instead.  I
blame the board and not Ramos.  Why get rid of Jol in the first place and why not do all you can to keep our star strikers.  Levy seemed more chuffed to get 30 million out of United than getting points on the board.

Spurs will have the best ground in the Championship next year and they might have to put ticket prices down WHICH WILL REALLY UPSET LEVY.

So there is hope of me seeing them soon after all !!

We need drastic action now - new manager - new board - and some players who at least seem to give their all for the club

From a very worried fan.



How have we gone from having the best strikers in the Premiership last season, to being bottom of it after four games ?

Whilst no longer being a season ticket holder after supporting THFC for nearly forty years, I thought that I'd give my views on the current state of THFC.

Rightly or wrongly we 'sold out' this summer to Liverpool & Man Utd in respect to Keane & Berbatov, thus being labelled a 'selling club', which Daniel Levy said we would never become !

By being 'fobbed off' with charity payments, Levy showed that he lacked the 'backbone' to pursue it further when he complained of both players being 'tapped up'.

To lose Keane was a surprise, but Berbatov was expected, and we should've had a replacement lined up,(he even cleared his locker at the end of season), but thanks to Levy holding out for £30 million, and Comolli's incompetence, we lost out.

On the subject of Comolli's signings, I would've thought that you wanted to sign better players than was currently at the club, but NO, we sign average or at best players of equal ability to those we have.  Take Gomes for example, better that Robbo, I don't think so if you saw him in the UEFA cup matches.

This season will be challenging, and given our previous track record in sacking the manager after a poor start, I hope Ramos has kept his return ticket to Spain.

Mark (formerly known as Paxton Mark)

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