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It's great that Spurs have finally got Zamora, as I'd rather him than Kanoute.
But it's disappointing to have missed out on a world-class player like Mateja Kezman, who might've come cheap.
The Serb is a goal machine and will surely now move to a Spanish club for as little as 3m...probably Barcelona.

Zamora has looked good in the lower leagues but so would Yeates and Barnard.
Having seen Yeates in action for the stiffs this year, I don't think that there's much of a gap in class between him and Bobby. Yeates and Barnard deserve
their chance and I hope it comes this season.

SJ Wightman

Ed : - I would hope that Hoddle's quote about not ruling out bringing another striker in is an empty one.  I can't see him using Rebrov if he returns and with Iversen likely to jump into the Wolves' den, that still leaves us with only Slabber and Barnard as back-up - neither with much first team experience.  Kezman would be good, but might need to start and I would rather we spent that sort of money on someone like him than Kanoute.

Yeates is more of a Keano type striker, but had a great scoring run towards the end of the season.  I have high hopes for Slabber and Barnard and although we have signed young strikers in Postiga and Zamora, they can learn and be eased into the side to get that necessary experience.


While Hoddle and ENIC have been dragged through the mire by the media over last year's transfer humiliation, this year they seem to have come through with a new prestige.

The sudden announcement of the two transfers so far, with no preamble by the club or speculation by the Press, means that they have been able to conduct their business in private until they wanted to release the news to a waiting world.

Full credit should be done for this, as the transfer window process has built a rumour mill of a size worthy of Northern Towns in the Industrial Revolution.  How they managed to stay out of the spotlight, we will never know (until Hoddle writes a book about it, I suppose).  And the Chelsea pantomime has helped too I guess.

But the news that more players are being shed to make way for further signings is promising.  Let's hope that their announcement has a similar or greater impact and helps Spurs have a good season.

Ted Maul

Ed : - Yes, hats off to the board and manager.  It was a good piece of dealing too, to get him for 1.5 million or 2 million, when he was worth much more in the recent past.

All they have to do now is get us into Europe !!


The injection of three young strikers of vast potential (it could be four but I don't know the state of play on 'Kevin') in the past months has given me fresh hope for THFC. Being a bit of an old cynic who's supported Spurs for about 35 years and watched recent developments with increasing dismay, I've been very pleasantly surprised and am really optimistic about things Spurs as never before in recent years. 

But, and here comes the boring old fart bit, THEY NEED TIME. Some twerp once said you win nothing with kids and was proved wrong unfortunately. But those kids knew each other well and had grown up together. Evolution rather than revolution is a sign of permanence in all walks of life. Sometimes changing things radically can be as unsettling as leaving a failing system in place. 

Sure Klinsmann slotted in straightaway but he was world class, proven, and over 30. Of the new signings, Keane is doing well but is still only 22, of similar ages Posteeega has come from Portuguese football and Zamora has never played in the premiership. At the back, I'm sure Ledders is benefiting from Deano's presence and in midfield Freund, Poyet and Ziege have helped the youngsters I'm sure. 

Now Ted's gone, these young strikers will be relying much more on their own ability. A certain little Argentinian arrived in 1978, but took a while to adjust - and he was a World Cup winner and several years older. We're not going to run away with the league this year. 

To get the best out of the new lads give THEM a chance - and give Hoddle a chance to get things to come together.



With a couple of opportunistic goals in his first match for Tottenham, Bobby Zamora looked a good value buy at 1.5 million.  He has pace, strength and an eye for goal ... all things that have been missing from our strikers of recent past.  No wonder Iversen is considering a move to Wolves.

But the question will be where does the service come from ?

Yes, we have players who can deliver a killer pass, but where are the ball winners, who will provide it to them in the first place ?  We need someone to boss the midfield and with Parker, Hoddle's main target staying at Charlton, who will he go for ?  Steven Reid might have been an option, but with Blackburn sniffing round with money burning a hole in their pockets, we might be outbid in a straight auction with them.  Guardiola is still up for grabs, although he comes in at the wrong end of the age scale for signings this season.


Firstly, I would like to express my delight at us signing Bobby Zamora.

Bobby is a player I have wished for us to sign for the last year or so, I feel he could be a real legend for Spurs. He reminds me of Sir Les when he was in his prime at Newcastle and QPR, but with a touch more pace and a little more foot-eye coordination. I know it's only lower league opposition (no disrespect) but 3 goals in 2 games is better than a kick up the back-side!

The only thing left for us to ponder (apart from the possible capture of a midfield battler) is what formation GH will fall back on this year.

Personally, I would love to see Ziege play a left-midfield role instead of the wing-back duties we are used to seeing him perform.  Ziege could quite easily be a Beckham equal on the left side, his crossing a lot of the time is spot-on and I personally think he could be even better if he is allowed to spend the bulk of his time in the better half of the pitch.

The somersaulting Keane will obviously slot into the role left by Teddy (and I hope Robbie gets very dizzy from all the gymnastics he will perform this coming season!) and it will be a pick of who's doing the business out of Postiga and Zamora obviously. I would think Postiga will get the nod to start with judging by his price tag.

Defence is a bit tricky, because as much as I hate to say it, I don't think Richards will feature as regularly as hoped.  His back will be a problem a lot of us Spurs fans will wish just went away.  Maybe we can do a Sun-type voodoo chant and all put our hands on a picture of Deano's back at the same time and wish for a cure!

I have heard all this talk about pushing Ledley into midfield to bolster incoming attacks, although he has played there before, I disagree with this, as Ledley has been somewhat of a rock at the back for us and it would take him a season  to adjust to the new position, I feel.  We would have a 'Heskey' scenario on our hands me thinks; Heskey is regularly played on the left of midfield and therefore doesn't do what he was bought to do - score goals !  Anyway, this isn't a Liverpool website so let's get back to business.....

As I am writing this, I hear rumbles on the internet that two clubs, believed to be SCBC and Tottenham, are putting serious enquiries to West Brom about Koumas. This is a great move, I still don't know why we didn't step in and steal him from Tranmere !  He takes a mean free kick, apart from the many other skills he possesses and can eventually take over from Redknapp, maybe sooner rather than later if Jamie's toe flares up again !

This looks like the way forward at the moment; buy talented youngsters proven at lower league status and mix them  with the experience we have already.  The five-year plan is really happening !!!  Hopefully these great new buys will help steer us towards Europe at the end of the season and then we can bring in some even brighter stars to complement the team further.  Watch out Europe, HERE WE COME !!!!

Lee Bradley

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